Week 8 Training

16 weeks to go! I can’t believe how time is flying, let’s hope I can fly on the day too.  This was another good week, the miles went up but I ran well and felt good.

Here’s how week 8 looked:

  • Monday: jog 20 – 10 minutes to the gym, 1 hour weights (legs), 10 minutes home
  • Tuesday: 60 second sprint, 3 minutes jog x 6
  • Wednesday: 60 minutes running
  • Thursday: 75 minutes running
  • Friday: jog 20 – 10 minutes to the gym, 1 hour weights (back), 10 minutes home
  • Saturday: rest, beer, curry 🙂
  • Sunday: 95 minutes running

Wednesday I ran with a friend in Rothwell, which included a pretty large hill.  York is great for training, but it’s very flat and hill training is important for strength and stamina.  I didn’t stop, but I did slow a little as we climbed.

Thursday was meant to be 75 minutes of fartlek but I misread my training plan, it was a solid 10 minute mile performance though so I was happy with that.

And Sunday…that’s the longest I’ve run without stopping to walk!  I was so happy, it was a great run and 11 miles next Sunday won’t feel like such a huge increase because it’s only 1.5 miles further.   The husband came with me and paced me, which helped me to keep going.

I was worried on Sunday because I’d stayed at a friends the night before and had curry and beer.  I’m going to write a post later this week on self-sabotage, it’s something I’m very prone to do.


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