Running, Training

Week 9 Training

Here’s the log for week 9:

  • Monday: jog 20 – 1o minutes to the gym, 1 hour weights (legs), 10 minutes home
  • Tuesday: swapped a session of sprints and recovery for a 40 minute spin class
  • Wednesday: jog 45 – but see my notes below
  • Thursday: run 75
  • Friday: jog 20 – 1o minutes to the gym, 1 hour weights (shoulders), 10 minutes home
  • Saturday: supposed to be a rest day, but had an impromptu weight session instead
  • Sunday: 11 mile run

So I made some changes to the plan this week, not all of them intentional!  Wednesday was meant to be a 45 minute jog.  I set off in an absolutely foul mood after being utterly let down at work by an incompetent supplier, so it was more of a run than a jog.  I then paused my Garmin while I waited at traffic lights, and forgot to turn it back on.  Garmin time – 29 minutes.  Husband recorded time when I got home – 55 minutes.  Maybe rage is the best accelerant.

Saturday was my rest day, but the husband’s gym had a special promotion.  If Andy Murray won the Wimbledon semi-final, he could take a guest for free.   So Saturday morning we got up early and did some weights and core stability.  David Lloyd’s is a very nice gym, but I prefer Energise (and it’s half the price too).

Sunday was a fab steady 11 miles, the husband paced me again and we averaged 10.01 minutes miles so I’m well pleased with that.  It was super hot and I managed to get chafing where my arm rubbed against my vest – another area to smother with Vaseline next time.  My only ‘aargh’ moment was when I realised that 11 miles isn’t even half way!  More distance required 🙂


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