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Week 11 Training

I knew it had to come…week 11 was the first week where I wasn’t able to properly complete my training plan.   Work took me to London last week, and I had long days, most of them with dinner at the end of them so it was tough to find the time to get my training done.

I stayed at the Thistle City Barbican which has a great gym, but sadly no air con for anything except deluxe rooms.  I had to  power through the week on very little sleep and lots of bad buffet food!

I did as much as I could and finished off the week with a half marathon length training run.  I got a personal best time of 2.10.03 which I tremendously proud of, hopefully the Great North Run will be a breeze this year (hopefully!).

The final route for the Yorkshire Marathon has also been announced – I need to get out and drive it now and look for any sneaky hills.  Coming up to the half way point of the training, I can’t believe how fast it’s going.

Week 11:

  • Monday: jog 30 – I did this on a cross trainer as I’m not brilliant on treadmills
  • Tuesday: sprint 60 seconds, recover 3 minutes, sprint 30, recover 3, sprint 60, recover 3 x 5 – done on an exercise bike
  • Wednesday: jog 20 – treadmill
  • Thursday: fail!  I didn’t have time to do the sprints I was meant to do
  • Friday: rest day (should have been Saturday)
  • Saturday: jog 10 – 10 minutes to the gym, 1 hour weights (chest), cave in and get lift home from the husband
  • Sunday: 13.1 long slow distance run

I did the long slow distance run with the husband.  It’s great to have him there keeping me going, but 9.55 minute miles isn’t really slow for me, it’s quite fast 🙂  It will be interesting to see how I get on when the mileage rises and the husband drops off, he wasn’t intending to train past 6 miles!

Hope you meet all your goals this week.


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