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Proper Preparation…

One of the best things about running is it’s not dependent on anything.  If you want to run, you can just throw on your trainers and head out the door.  Up to now, this has been true for me.  Up to a 10k, I’d pop on my trainers and run.  10k to half marathon distance, I’d add water and my trusty Garmin Forerunner 310XT.

In winter, I add more clothes.  In summer, less.

As my marathon training has kicked in and the distances get longer, simple running isn’t working quite so well for me.  A combination of distance and my natural control-freakishness means my running prep is getting longer and longer.  Take last Sunday (15 miles) for example – here’s how I got ready:

  • Take my normal morning asthma inhalers
  • Apply sudocrem to areas liable to sweat rash
  • Apply vaseline to areas liable to rubbing
  • Take ibuprofen for recent ankle pain
  • Get dressed
  • Fill water bottle
  • Put on garmin
  • Put on iPod
  • Put gels into RooSport pouch

And only then was I ready to go…

Proper planning prevents poor performance!  If I’m not fully prepared, I’m much more likely to have a bad run.  Little niggles (for example, haven’t put vaseline under my arms where they rub if I wear a vest) become all I can focus on, to the detriment of everything else.

I’m undecided about whether this is a bad thing or not.  I like to be prepared, but I don’t want it to take over and ruin the simple pleasure of going out for a run. I’m not so bad heading out for shorter runs, so I guess it’s okay.  I might need a checklist come marathon day though 🙂

10 weeks to the marathon, and my Great North Run pack arrived in the post yesterday.  My life feels divided into ‘pre-marathon’ and ‘post-marathon’ at the moment.


4 thoughts on “Proper Preparation…

  1. I know how you feel! I’m also doing lots of training right now and after an injury a few months ago, I’m warming up, making sure I have the kitchen sink and spending 30 minutes getting ready to go. It’s crazy, and to be honest, I sorta miss the short distances and not being so hard on myself if I leave something behind.

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