Week 20 Training

4 weeks to go!  On Sunday the husband took me out and we drove as much of the route of the Yorkshire Marathon as we could.  It looks like there are a few surprises to watch out for, including a hill at 11 miles and the start and finish both being uphill – very cruel!

Much of the route is down country roads so I’m not sure how much of it will be accessible to spectators, but it looks very pretty.  Driving it gave me butterflies, and a renewed interest in my training 🙂

Here’s how week 20 looked:

  • Monday: should have jogged 45 minutes, but rested as I was still sulking after the Great North Run
  • Tuesday: jog 20 – 10 minutes to the gym, 1 hour weights (legs), 10 minutes home
  • Wednesday: jog 15, run 25, jog 25
  • Thursday: jog 20 – 10 minutes to yoga, 1 hour 30 mins yoga, 10 minutes home
  • Friday: jog 20 – 10 minutes to the gym, 1 hour weights (chest), 10 minutes home
  • Saturday: sprint 30 seconds, jog 3 minutes x 6
  • Sunday: 10 miles fartlek

I didn’t feel like I’d done much running this week, but I feel good about my focus for the rest of the training period – lots of sprints and fartleks with a few long runs to get my confidence up.

I did my sprints on the racecourse on Saturday and got there at the same time as the Park Run – it was nice to be clapped as I crossed their finish line, even though I wasn’t one of them.

Happy training this week!


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