Week 3 Training Report – York Marathon 2014

I felt like I started to hit my groove a little bit this week. The long run side still needs some work but I’m starting to get back into a routine with training and getting used to the idea of regular runs.

This year the husband is also training for the York Marathon. We don’t run together as he’s a lot faster than me, but it’s nice we’re going on the same journey. He keeps coming back from training and saying “you know those runs where you just feel amazing!?” …erm no… “you know when you’re just running and you feel like you can go forever!?” …also no! Some of us are born to run, and some of us have to work hard at it.

Here’s how week 3 looked:

  • Monday – personal training session doing weights
  • Tuesday – run 4 miles
  • Wednesday – sprints – 200m sprint with 2 minute recovery x 5
  • Thursday – yoga session – learning that I’m as stiff as a board
  • Friday – rest
  • Saturday – rest
  • Sunday – training plan says 8 miles, I managed 6. In my defense, it was super hot and I crumbled on the route

Overall not too bad and week 4 is going okay so far. If I can get a good long run under my belt I’ll start to feel almost confident.

Leeds 10k is on July 20th so I’ll file my race report soon. Last year I did 57.31 so there’s my time to beat.

Enjoy your training this week!


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