Weeks 4 and 5 Training Report

It’s official, the heatwave is kicking my ass and killing my training.  But it’s lovely and sunny which is nice 🙂

I set off on my runs full of enthusiasm, but within a mile I’m wearing a soaking wet t-shirt and sweating a weird white goo as my sun cream comes off. My legs don’t work and my brain is shouting at them.

What to do? Cross train!  I’ve decided to focus on maintaining my fitness and will have to get some big miles in when the weather cools down a bit.  So, spin classes and cross trainer are the order of the day – I still end up a in a soaking wet t-shirt but at least my sweat looks normal.

We had a long weekend in Llangollen, Wales this weekend and I did manage to do one run.  1 mile of uphill to the fabulous Castell Dinas Bran, at 7am when I was the only person around.  Absolutely magical. 

My stress levels aren’t too high this year as I know I’ve done marathon distance before, but I still need to get some long runs banked before I can feel too confident.

York 10k this weekend, I’m aiming for sub 60 minutes so come on clouds.


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