Race Review – York 10k Sunday 3rd August

If you’ve been following my grumbling on the blog, you’ll know I’ve not really been feeling  the love for running this year.  Long runs have been long slow crumbles into walk/runs and I’ve struggled to stick to my training plan.

So, I approached this year’s York 10k with a pretty bad attitude, but resolved to do my best and see how it went.

One annoyance with the York 10k is that they always have to delay the start for traffic problems.  York isn’t the best place for traffic, but why not provide more information to people about setting off early?  I’m no professional athlete but when I’ve timed my breakfast and wee break for a 9.30am start, it’s irritating to stand around until 10am.

The weather was cooler for the race with good cloud cover, so better conditions for me.  I was running without my trusty Garmin because it was out of juice so I just set off at a comfortable pace and decided to see how it went.

And it went…well!  I ran the whole thing, no stops, not even for water.  I love running through York and going past the Minster is always a buzz.  The strangest part of the route is running over Millennium Bridge which wobbles when there are so many feet pounding across it.  The first year it happened I thought I was going to pass out until I realised it wasn’t me wobbling, it was the world 🙂

And my time? 1.00.32.  Curses!  If I’d have had my Garmin and realised I could have made that extra 32 seconds up and cracked an hour, but it was quite nice just to run with no focus on time. 

So overall a success. I’ve got a physio appointment on Friday to check out the new and interesting lump on my heel, the weathers cooling down and I might actually start to make some training progress.

Happy running this week!


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