And…I’m out!

I’m doing the marathon. I’m not doing the marathon. I’m doing the marathon.  I’m not doing the marathon.  This has been one of the most flip flop decisions of my life and now it’s been taken out of my hands, I’m heartbroken.

I had a cold when I was in Italy 2 weeks ago.  I felt like I was over it when I came back so I did a 19 mile run.  Apparently this just annoyed my cold which came raging back and turned into a fully fledged sinus infection, bringing all its friends – headache, toothache, coughs, rattly chest.

I’ve been living on cold and flu remedies and getting no sleep. I haven’t run for a week and a half so the decision is in.

I’m not running the marathon.

I think a little part of me believed I would all the way through this year’s training programme.  Now I’m definitely not, I’m ticked off.  I’m embarrassed to tell people too, it feels a bit pathetic.

I won’t be blogging next week when I’m away.  When I’m back I need to refocus.  A short term goal to get me to the end of 2014 will have to do 😦

Happy running to you all this week and best of luck to everyone who runs the Yorkshire Marathon on Sunday.  I’ll be with you in spirit (even if I’m still in bed)


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