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Some success…at last!

After my visit to the sports therapist I felt a bit more confident knowing I’m not completely and permanently broken.  I’ve got some weird ankle moves to do every day to build up strength and reduce clicking, but I’m free to run.

So, last week I did a steady 3 miles…and it felt good.  And then on Saturday, I managed 9.5 miles! It was a good, steady run with no stopping except to cross roads and it felt so nice.  So nice to run, not to be in too much pain, not to feel like I was melting.  There’s been a change in the weather and I can safely say now that sunshine is my kryptonite.

I’m now about 6 miles behind where I’m supposed to be in my training plan, but I’m not too stressed about that.  I know I can do these distances, and I’m starting to feel more confident that my body remembers how as well.  I’m resisting the temptation to head straight back out and run, instead I’ve got 2 weights sessions and 1 yoga session this week before my next long run on Monday where I’ll try to add another 4-5 miles.

My (revised) training plan is now 1 short run or sprint session and 1 long run per week until the marathon.  Everything else will be weights, spin classes and yoga.

Happy running this week and hope you’ve had some good times too 🙂

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Sports Therapist Visit

Towards the end of my marathon training last year I was getting a dull pain in my right Achilles and heel at the end of each run.  As I rested over winter it calmed down, but now I’ve picked my training up it’s back again.

Last week I did very little running (but did some spin classes, weights and yoga so I wasn’t totally lazy) and on Friday I went to see  a sports therapist.

She was absolutely fab.  I’m not in danger of having my legs fall off, but I do have tight calves and short thigh muscles, mainly due to sitting down all day at work.  I had a great massage which wasn’t as ouchy as other sports massages I’ve had, and left my calves feeling loose as jelly.

The therapist also gave me some exercises to do to strengthen my ankles which I’ll do my best to stick to.  We had that usual awkward moment which most runners have experienced….

Therapist: “are you stretching?”

Runner: “erm….maybe??”

I’ve also got a heel bump called Haglund’s Deformity (sexy!) but as long as it doesn’t hurt too much I just need to make sure my shoes don’t rub.

So, this week I’ve been remotivated and done 2 runs, Saturday I’m going to aim for a longer run.  My Great North Run race pack arrived this week so if I needed any further motivation, there it is!

Enjoy your running this week 🙂


Race Review – York 10k Sunday 3rd August

If you’ve been following my grumbling on the blog, you’ll know I’ve not really been feeling  the love for running this year.  Long runs have been long slow crumbles into walk/runs and I’ve struggled to stick to my training plan.

So, I approached this year’s York 10k with a pretty bad attitude, but resolved to do my best and see how it went.

One annoyance with the York 10k is that they always have to delay the start for traffic problems.  York isn’t the best place for traffic, but why not provide more information to people about setting off early?  I’m no professional athlete but when I’ve timed my breakfast and wee break for a 9.30am start, it’s irritating to stand around until 10am.

The weather was cooler for the race with good cloud cover, so better conditions for me.  I was running without my trusty Garmin because it was out of juice so I just set off at a comfortable pace and decided to see how it went.

And it went…well!  I ran the whole thing, no stops, not even for water.  I love running through York and going past the Minster is always a buzz.  The strangest part of the route is running over Millennium Bridge which wobbles when there are so many feet pounding across it.  The first year it happened I thought I was going to pass out until I realised it wasn’t me wobbling, it was the world 🙂

And my time? 1.00.32.  Curses!  If I’d have had my Garmin and realised I could have made that extra 32 seconds up and cracked an hour, but it was quite nice just to run with no focus on time. 

So overall a success. I’ve got a physio appointment on Friday to check out the new and interesting lump on my heel, the weathers cooling down and I might actually start to make some training progress.

Happy running this week!


Weeks 4 and 5 Training Report

It’s official, the heatwave is kicking my ass and killing my training.  But it’s lovely and sunny which is nice 🙂

I set off on my runs full of enthusiasm, but within a mile I’m wearing a soaking wet t-shirt and sweating a weird white goo as my sun cream comes off. My legs don’t work and my brain is shouting at them.

What to do? Cross train!  I’ve decided to focus on maintaining my fitness and will have to get some big miles in when the weather cools down a bit.  So, spin classes and cross trainer are the order of the day – I still end up a in a soaking wet t-shirt but at least my sweat looks normal.

We had a long weekend in Llangollen, Wales this weekend and I did manage to do one run.  1 mile of uphill to the fabulous Castell Dinas Bran, at 7am when I was the only person around.  Absolutely magical. 

My stress levels aren’t too high this year as I know I’ve done marathon distance before, but I still need to get some long runs banked before I can feel too confident.

York 10k this weekend, I’m aiming for sub 60 minutes so come on clouds.

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Race Review – Leeds 10k 20th July 2014

The Leeds 10k is an old friend of mine – I’ve done the race on quite a few occasions now and I know the course pretty well.  It’s a fairly flat (and supposedly fast) out and back along Kirkstall Road.

It’s not the most exciting route, but I love watching the people who are ahead of me when I’m running out and those behind me when I’m running back.  It gives me something to focus on and takes my mind off the road.

Last year my time at Leeds was 57.31.  Could I break the magic 60 minutes again this year?  I hoped so, but the weather had other ideas.

We are in a HEATWAVE in the UK at the moment. I’m not complaining, but it’s killing my running 😦

Sunday morning was foggy, but the sort of fog that says “very soon it’s going to be toasty here”.  Sure enough, I was sweating on the start line before we’d even gone anywhere. I tucked my t-shirt up into my sports bra (apologies, those of you who had to watch my belly running) and off we went.

Up to 5k…not bad.  Post 5k…are these my legs??  I just couldn’t make my feet work!  I switched to 3 minutes running, 1 minute walking and then to 1 minute running, 1 minute walking.  The last mile was rubbish and I just wanted it all to be over.  It’s always nerve racking seeing other people collapsed by the roadside, particularly the man wearing the same running outfit as the husband.  Best wishes to you all, I hope you’re all okay.

Scores on the doors? 1.05.37.  Not good, but not terrible either.  York 10k is in 2 weeks so I have chance to redeem myself.

Even the husband was 6 minutes slower than last year – and he’s not impressed.

Route – 8/10

Goody bag – 8/10 – loved the Kitkat Chunky

Congratulations to our friend Richard who was completing an Ironman while we were complaining about the 10k.  Nice work!


Week 3 Training Report – York Marathon 2014

I felt like I started to hit my groove a little bit this week. The long run side still needs some work but I’m starting to get back into a routine with training and getting used to the idea of regular runs.

This year the husband is also training for the York Marathon. We don’t run together as he’s a lot faster than me, but it’s nice we’re going on the same journey. He keeps coming back from training and saying “you know those runs where you just feel amazing!?” …erm no… “you know when you’re just running and you feel like you can go forever!?” …also no! Some of us are born to run, and some of us have to work hard at it.

Here’s how week 3 looked:

  • Monday – personal training session doing weights
  • Tuesday – run 4 miles
  • Wednesday – sprints – 200m sprint with 2 minute recovery x 5
  • Thursday – yoga session – learning that I’m as stiff as a board
  • Friday – rest
  • Saturday – rest
  • Sunday – training plan says 8 miles, I managed 6. In my defense, it was super hot and I crumbled on the route

Overall not too bad and week 4 is going okay so far. If I can get a good long run under my belt I’ll start to feel almost confident.

Leeds 10k is on July 20th so I’ll file my race report soon. Last year I did 57.31 so there’s my time to beat.

Enjoy your training this week!

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Week 1 and 2 Training Report – York Marathon 2014

If you read my blog last year you’ll know I followed a six month marathon training plan because I was nervous. It was great because it made me feel like I had forever to prepare.

This year now I’m a super duper experienced marathoner with one under my belt I’ve chosen a four month training plan.  Less time to fall off the rails, but the marathon does feel like it’s coming towards me very quickly!

Here’s how the training has gone so far:

Week 1:

  • Monday – should have run 4 miles, but there was a road closure on my planned route so did 2.5 miles
  • Tuesday – rest – I can these 🙂
  • Wednesday – should have run 4 miles, did a 45 minute spin class and some weights
  • Thursday – rest – getting good at this now
  • Friday – cross train – did some weights
  • Saturday – rest – oh yes
  • Sunday – run 6 miles.  I did it!

Week 2:

  • Monday – rest – my technique is amazing
  • Tuesday – should have been hill training, but I read the wrong week on my plan and did sprints.  Oh well
  • Wednesday – rest
  • Thursday Friday Saturday – go on a training course to London and don’t do anything
  • Sunday – should  have been 7 miles but I managed 4.5

Reading back, it’s not an awesome start 😦   If anything is holding me back I think it’s my attitude (and also my sore knees, ankles etc.)  I need to get back into a routine with this and get serious.  I’m a stone heavier than I was this time last year so upping my training and improving my diet should help me lose weight and therefore run faster.  In theory.