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Sports Therapist Visit

Towards the end of my marathon training last year I was getting a dull pain in my right Achilles and heel at the end of each run.  As I rested over winter it calmed down, but now I’ve picked my training up it’s back again.

Last week I did very little running (but did some spin classes, weights and yoga so I wasn’t totally lazy) and on Friday I went to see  a sports therapist.

She was absolutely fab.  I’m not in danger of having my legs fall off, but I do have tight calves and short thigh muscles, mainly due to sitting down all day at work.  I had a great massage which wasn’t as ouchy as other sports massages I’ve had, and left my calves feeling loose as jelly.

The therapist also gave me some exercises to do to strengthen my ankles which I’ll do my best to stick to.  We had that usual awkward moment which most runners have experienced….

Therapist: “are you stretching?”

Runner: “erm….maybe??”

I’ve also got a heel bump called Haglund’s Deformity (sexy!) but as long as it doesn’t hurt too much I just need to make sure my shoes don’t rub.

So, this week I’ve been remotivated and done 2 runs, Saturday I’m going to aim for a longer run.  My Great North Run race pack arrived this week so if I needed any further motivation, there it is!

Enjoy your running this week 🙂

Injury, Massage, Running

The evil sports masseuse

From week 1 of training I’ve noticed tightness in my calves and been getting a pain in my right achilles.  My trainers are new and an updated version of trainers I’ve already run in, so I don’t think it’s them.  I’m a heavy footed heel-striking runner but I’ve not had any issues before when training for half marathons etc.

So I reluctantly booked an appointment with a bony fingered sadistic harpy otherwise known as a sports masseuse.  If you’ve never had sports massage before, it’s nothing like those lovely relaxing ones where someone rubs oil into your skin while whales sing gently in the background.

A sports masseuse will target the particular area of the body that’s causing you pain – so I had a good 45 minutes of what felt like someone trying to push my calves through the back of my knees.

It’s unpleasant and it HURTS!  Apparently I need to have one in another 2 weeks and then probably every 4 weeks after that to keep me limber, but we’ll see how my pain threshold goes.

You can see the bruises I’ve been left with (you can see my dog hiding in the background too, but ignore him).

Would I recommend a sports massage?  Grudgingly yes, but don’t do it unless you really have to – it’s a pain vs. pain equation.

Post sports massage

Post sports massage