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Week 15 Training

Despite all of my good intentions, this was a real ‘rip up the training plan and throw it away’ week.  I trained, just not how I was supposed to!

My main intention this week was to stay off my feet and do all my training on a spin bike, but it didn’t really work out.  I’m getting nagging ankle pain and clicking that isn’t getting any better, so I hoped a week off my feet would make a difference.   Maybe I’ll try that this week instead.

Here’s how week 15 looked:

  • Monday: jog 20 – 10 minutes to the gym, 1 hour weights (legs), 10 minutes home
  • Tuesday: training plan said jog 10, run 30, jog 30.  Intended to do it on a spin bike but my car wouldn’t start, set off for a run in a very bad mood, wore my rubbish old gym trainers by mistake and made my ankle hurt more.  Not a success!
  • Wednesday: training plan said sprints and recovers, real world said walk 2 miles to pick my car back up from the garage.  At least it’s fixed now
  • Thursday: sprint 60 seconds recover 3 minutes x 6 – did this on a spin bike
  • Friday: jog 20 – 10 minutes to the gym, 1 hour weights (shoulders), 10 minutes home
  • Saturday: rest day, did some intensive gardening and soil shifting
  • Sunday: 14 mile walk in the Yorkshire Dales

Positives – I did lots of exercise.  Negatives – most of it wasn’t on the plan!  This week’s plan is to stick to spin bikes as much as possible, but stick to the plan too….let’s see how it goes.

Happy training this week!  Less than 10 weeks until the Yorkshire Marathon.

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The evil sports masseuse

From week 1 of training I’ve noticed tightness in my calves and been getting a pain in my right achilles.  My trainers are new and an updated version of trainers I’ve already run in, so I don’t think it’s them.  I’m a heavy footed heel-striking runner but I’ve not had any issues before when training for half marathons etc.

So I reluctantly booked an appointment with a bony fingered sadistic harpy otherwise known as a sports masseuse.  If you’ve never had sports massage before, it’s nothing like those lovely relaxing ones where someone rubs oil into your skin while whales sing gently in the background.

A sports masseuse will target the particular area of the body that’s causing you pain – so I had a good 45 minutes of what felt like someone trying to push my calves through the back of my knees.

It’s unpleasant and it HURTS!  Apparently I need to have one in another 2 weeks and then probably every 4 weeks after that to keep me limber, but we’ll see how my pain threshold goes.

You can see the bruises I’ve been left with (you can see my dog hiding in the background too, but ignore him).

Would I recommend a sports massage?  Grudgingly yes, but don’t do it unless you really have to – it’s a pain vs. pain equation.

Post sports massage

Post sports massage