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Going Clubbing

While I’ve been training , I’ve been wondering whether to join a running club.

I trained with a club for the second Great North Run that I took part in, and it had some positives but also some negatives for me.

The first (and biggest) negative was the meeting time – 7.00am every Sunday.  I  made it to most of the sessions, but it didn’t do my social life much good.

The second negative was that even though running in a group was good, I never really found ‘my place’.  There were runners who were much faster than me and runners who were much slower than me, but no one was really plodding along at my pace.   I used to try and run with the faster runners, but usually ended up burning out around 10 miles as the distances got longer.

On the positive side, I did like how definitive it was – I was running at that time on a Sunday, no excuses, no drama, just do it.

I also enjoyed chatting to the other runners, and sharing stories with them about kit, fuel and general running experiences.

I’ve not joined a club for my marathon training because it felt important to me to get out and go it alone.  I’ll be running the marathon alone so I can’t rely on anyone else to pace me or get me through.

My thoughts are turning now to what I’ll do after the marathon, and I might join a running club then.  Knavesmire Harriers are close to me, and their running times are a bit more realistic than first thing every Sunday.

Have you run with a club?  Did you enjoy it?

I found a great Oatmeal cartoon online this week – this rings very true for me:

I’ve ordered my Blerch t-shirt, it will make me smile as I run.