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Kit Review: Sports Bras

Reading through Runner’s World this month I was highly amused to see there is a naturist friendly 5k in Pembrokeshire.  My immediate thought was ouch, my chest!  But looking at the picture, it seems most of the women runners chose to wear a sports bra, trainers and bare bottoms.

The sports bra is an essential piece of kit for women runners.  A lack of proper support can lead to long term droopiness, but short term I find it painful to run with my chest flapping about so it’s not good for my focus or my form.

Sports bras can be eye-wateringly expensive, so it’s important to choose the right one.  Some of them just don’t seem to work for me, but I have to spend a few minutes jumping up and down in a changing room before I can decide.

The brand I swear by is Shock Absorber.  I’m a D cup, so I need something fairly substantial – friends I know who have larger chests than me run in 2 sports bras at once to get the support they need.

The 2 bras that work best for me are the Shock Absorber Ultimate Run and the Shock Absorber Active Multisports.

Ultimate Run

This bra is great for running and really minimises bounce.  My only criticism is that I’ve never found a way to put it on single handedly and always need someone to fasten the back of it for me!

Ultimate Run



Active Multisports

This is a crop top style compression bra.  It’s got 2 fasteners on the back so it’s comfortable but very supportive.  I’ve had about 6 of these now, I have found the latest ones seem to be a bit softer and less supportive than the older ones so I’ll have to play around with sizing next time I buy.




Sports Bras come in all sorts of pretty colours but to be frank I don’t care what they look like as long as they do the job 🙂

The other sports bras I’ve had some success with were Shock Absorber tennis bras.  They were on sale at my local Sweatshop so I grabbed a Ball and a Racket Sports bra.   They work great at minimising bounce, tennis players are probably experiencing similar forces to runners so they are worth a look too. (PS I’m not affiliated with Shock Absorber in any way….I just like their bras!)

Ball Racket Sports







Once you’ve invested in your sports bras, remember they will only last so long before the elastic starts to give and you’ll notice you’re not getting the same support you used to.  I find mine last 18 months to 2 years and then they become ‘gym bras’ before being sent off to the great bra shop in the sky.

While they are expensive, they are a great investment and with some clever shopping you can find some bargains.  Shops like TK Maxx and Sports Direct get good sports bras sometimes, so it’s worth a check.

If you’ve got a recommendation for a great sports bra please do leave a comment.