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Kit: Trainers

Trainers are the most essential part of a runner’s kit.  Getting the right trainers can be the difference between an enjoyable run and a terrible run – there’s nothing worse than focusing on the tiny pains or niggles that bad trainers can cause.

Good trainers can also help you to recover faster from long runs, if you don’t have to wait for blisters or sore patches on your feet to heal.

When buying trainers for the first time, I’d strongly recommend visiting a proper runners shop like Sweatshop or Up and Running.  They’ll do a gait analysis and assess your feet, cutting down your shopping time by giving you options  that are more likely to work for you.   They’ll also let you run up and down the street in the trainers – it’s no good just trying them on in the shop, you need to feel them in action.

Buying trainers like this will always be more expensive, but you’re paying for the advice, not just the shoes.  Sweatshop even offer a 3 month return period in case the trainers aren’t right once you increase your distance in them.

Once I find a pair of trainers I like, I’ll buy the pair from the shop and then wait for them to turn up on the internet at a cheaper price – usually as the styles change.  If I love the trainers, I’ll stock up on a few pairs and then start to break in a new pair as an older pair wears out.

I know may runners think expensive trainers are nonsense, but my I can only speak from my experience.  When I have good trainers that fit properly, I’m happy.  When my trainers don’t fit well, I’m very sad!

For the York Marathon I’m training in Brooks Ghost 5 trainers.  They’re great!  I’m just starting to break my second pair in now.

Brooks Ghost 5

They are a neutral shoe with a broad toebox, perfect for my hobbit feet.  I still get some hard skin developing on the outside of the ball of my foot, but that happens to me whatever trainers I wear.  A Ped Egg is a runner’s best friend!

What trainers do you love?